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Protecting Our Coral Reefs

What Can We Do?

- Learn more about reefs and other marine life. Your dives will be all the more enjoyable.

- Help keep the reef clean. Always take your own litter away, and also pick up other trash from the beach or reef.

- Get Involved with organizations and groups that are involved in the protection and conservation of coral reefs and other marine life. You can actively participate in projects or give financial support with a donation.

- Take care of the reefs, not just for yourself, but so your children too will be able to enjoy them.

A Diver's Code

- Don't touch corals, rest on them or kick them. Corals are living animals and are easily damaged even by gentle handling. Don't wear gloves, so you can feel what you are touching.

- Avoid kicking up the sand. It spoils the visibility for you and other visitors and damages corals and other reef organisms when it settles.

- Observe Collecting and Spearfishing Laws Many reefs are already badly depleted of medium to large size fishes. If laws are in effect for an area, it is because numbers are threatened.

- Leave all corals and reef animals where they are. Corals are the "building blocks" of the reef and grow slowly. Even small pieces are many years old. Lobsters and shells have become rare because too many people are taking them. Don't kill sea urchins to feed the fishes. Sea urchins too have become scarce, due to a disease, and are only just beginning to recover.

- Divers, make sure you are properly weighted. Sign up in a buoyancy control course and keep practicing what you have learned. Always be aware of the fragility of the coral reef.

- Boat owners, never anchor on corals, they are easily broken or damaged by anchors and you may break off corals that are hundreds of years old. Tie up to a mooring buoy or anchor carefully in sand or rubble patches.

- Take only pictures, leave only bubbles.-



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