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The coral reefs of the Red Sea stretch from southern Sinai to the offshore area of the Deep South, which is only reached by liveaboard. The coastline covers a distance of more than 930 miles (1500 km).

Two coastal resort towns, Hurghada on the African mainland and Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula, are the main dive destinations, but the most popular dive sites are spread all over the region.

Among the hundreds of common fish species you will encounter daily are clownfish, butterfly fish, angel fish, parrot fish, lion fish, and turkey fish. You will often encounter schools of barracuda, and even sharks. Occasionally you can spot graceful manta rays too! The variety and amount of life is truly remarkable. Now add a vast assortment of colorful soft and hard corals and you have a diving site that ranks as one of the best in the world.

You will find an abundance of fish and organisms from tiny polyps to the huge Napoleon wrasse. But Egypt is also quite famous for the many interesting wrecks, particularly at
the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and in the Strait of Tiran.

If you are interested in sharks you will have the opportunity to encounter various species like the silky shark, gray reef sharks, oceanic white tip and the manta ray along with many others depending on the area you visit. Cruising dolphins and friendly sea turtles are especially, but not exclusively, found in the northern region. In the southern regions you will even have an opportunity to see the endangered Dugongs (Manatees).

Climate Average - 75F (23C) January / 108 (42C) August
Water Temp Average - 68F (20C)January / 84 (29C) August
Visibility 100+ ft (30+ m) except during local plankton blooms

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