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Sparkling bays glisten in the sunlight over picturesque sandy coves. Exotic rainforests burst with the vibrant colors of tropical flowers and vegetation. The `Twin Peaks` of the Pitons magnificently rise from the sea. For the explorer in you, trek through an exotic rainforest, take a bike ride along the waters or bask in the abundant natural wonder of the Soufriere area. Largely untouched by time, the island of St. Lucia truly is a vacation you will never forget.

In addition to the wide variety of opportunities to hike, birdwatch, and tour St. Lucia's outstanding natural attractions, the island is replete with a full range of recreational facilities. Visitors may enjoy the leisurely pleasures of touring the island by horse, chartering a yacht for an evening sail or day cruise, or relax with a round of golf amid St. Lucia's entrancing natural beauty. For those who enjoy the thrill of an even more active vacation, there are plenty of places to windsurf, dive, snorkel, water-ski, or play tennis or squash.

For divers, St. Lucia diving has a great range of corals; finger, brain, boulder, leaf, and flower intermixed between coral gardens hosting a tremendous variety of sponges which give the reef an unparalled mix of color and texture.

Small critters from arrow crabs, coral banded shrimps, flaming scallops, seahorse, frog fish, and brittle stars can be seen, as can a wide variety of reef fish such as chromis, chub, bar jack,snapper, and others.

Climate 70 -90F 21 - 32C Water Temp 77 - 83F 23 - 25C Visibility Average 80 - 100 ft 24 - 30 m

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