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Click for St Barthelemy, St. Maarten Forecast

St. Barthelemy (also called St. Barts or St. Barths) is an island of only 8 square miles and approximately 7,000 residents. Steep and dramatic (highest point is 938 ft, Morne du Vitet) in the middle, the hills create valleys, which in turn create the numerous coves and 22 beautiful beaches. There are no casinos on the island, nightlife is mostly limited to some hangouts in Gustavia (e.g. Bar de l'Oubli and Le Select). Excellent restaurants are plentiful, mostly French, Creole and Italian.

An air of affluence permeates St. Barths and the high season brings an influx of the wealthy and powerful trying to get away from it all...although some people just have to be "seen" here. Despite all that, St. Barths maintains a casual and happy atmosphere where you can be as relaxed or active...as "seen" or "unseen" as you wish. Please, do remember that St.Barts is not cheap, but with some planning ahead of time, you can make St. Barths more reasonable and a vacation to remember.

The diving here is among the best in the Caribbean. Relatively few divers visit each year leaving it largely untouched and unknown. The branch corals are recovered from the last hurricanes, and the massive corals are in full bloom, with multicolored coral fish everywhere. Each bay has a reef to be explored, each islet has its walls and caves. The most spectacular dives are around Pain de Sucre, an islet way off Gustavia harbour, or around a small cape, l'Ane Rouge, off Colombier bay, or around Coco islet. Just off Gustavia harbour, a fishing boat that sunk a few years ago, Le Kayali, is a nice dive spot.

Climate 70 - 90F 21 - 32C Depending on season
Water Temp Average 80F 26C
Visibility up to 100 ft. 30 m

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