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Scuba Diving and Travel Destinations - Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands Scuba Diving

The Cayman Islands are situated in the Caribbean, 290km (180 miles) northwest of Jamaica, and comprise Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Cayman's beaches are renowned to be among the best in the world, in particular Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. Although in relative proximity, each of the islands is unique in its developed infrastructure as well as the type of topography found both on land and underwater.

Grand Cayman is the main tourist destination and its capital, George Town, is today one of the leading commercial centres in the Caribbean region. The gingerbread-style buildings lining George Town's harbour front are prime examples of traditional Caymanian architecture.

Cayman Brac, northeast of Grand Cayman, is a much smaller island, about 19km (12 miles) long and about 1.6 km (1 mile) wide. The area is riddled with caves and dozens of wrecks for divers to explore. It provided the basis for Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novel Treasure Island.

Cayman Islands Travel11 km (7 miles) southeast of Cayman Brac, the tiny island of Little Cayman is best known as a sanctuary for wild birds and iguanas. It is also known as the world's best location for bone fishing. The food and restaurants in the Cayman Islands are excellent, in particular the variety of local fish specialities. The Cayman Turtle Farm, one of Grand Cayman's tourist attractions, now undertakes strict conservation measures. The Cayman Islands have a fairly limited number of nightclubs, which sometimes feature international acts.

Cayman Islands Scuba DivingDivers have been making the trek to the Cayman Islands for many years. The water is warm and visibility is super. The Caymans offer divers of all skill levels something to remember.

Reefs, colorful and vibrant, with marine life in such an abundance, it will bring out the best in every photographer. You want walls? From all three islands, the wall diving has become famous. How about wrecks? There are a number of wreck dives, one of the most popular being the Captain Kieth Tibbetts, an ex Russian warship, sunk in 1996 and now home to an abundance of reef fish.

Climate: 75 - 87F 24 - 30C
Water Temp: 77 - 82F 25 - 28C
Visibility: 100+ ft. 30+ m

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